A Sigh Of Relief...

Paul and I have always been "don't count you chickens before they're hatched" type people, and often don't share news until it's something to share.  Some of you know that this past winter we started a grant application to the USDA, and after months of planning, we printed the final copy tonight, and it's going in the mail tomorrow.  I have to give credit, we've had the great fortune of working with professional grant writers who specialize in applying for this exact grant.  Even so, this has absorbed so much time, and mental energy that I haven't felt like myself, and I apologize if I let anything slip through the cracks on your behalf. 
If we pull this off, the funds would be a dramatic boon to our farm, so we'll keep you posted - we'll likely find out at the end of September if we are awarded the grant.  
Thank you as always for your love, support, generosity, and kindness as we share another beautiful season together.  Sara



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