Canning Tips and More


Lots of folks like to know where our extra produce goes, and the short answer is to a good home.

More specifically, as you can see in the picture above, for Fond du Lac members who can't pick up their share Thursday, we make a packaged bag they can pick up 8am - 8pm Friday at 476 Wabash Ave.  If those bags don't get picked up, they are donated to St. Paul's Cathedral's food pantry in Fond du Lac.  I would also like to celebrate our member Jon F. who bought two garden variety shares to be donated directly each week to St. Paul's!  

If produce is too low quality to share with people, but still fresh enough to enjoy by chickens, of course our ladies get plenty of veggie treats.

Beyond that, Paul and I try our best to get lots of extra veggies frozen for ourselves to eat over the winter.

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!
Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara