BeBop arrives...

Hope you enjoyed your first week of CSA Veggies!  
I know it's a huge relief for us when the fresh veggies come into season and we can wait to eat out of the freezer again until next year!  There's just nothing like the first greens of the summer to me!  

As you may have noticed, last week we did purchase a new delivery van!  We are thrilled to have something bigger and boxier to carry the produce in.  It makes loading and unloading so much easier - both because we can use a dolly and we don't have to play Tetris to get everything to fit for the trip.


The new truck's name is BeBop.  We like to name our vehicles, first for added personality and second because it's functional when communicating which vehicle we're talking about.  For instance, our silver van is named Manny Van because we decided it looked like a Sea Manatee, therefore it's a Van-atee.  The name BeBop comes from the the wedding of two ideas - that I thought the truck looked like a turtle, and Paul thought we should name it "Beast".  Somehow melded together in Paul's mind, he rememebered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' character, BeBop, and the truck was named!  (I promise, we only think about these pressing issues during our lunch breaks!)   :)

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!

Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara