Do we wash the vegetables? An update!


At many points, I've written about how much we wash the produce, mostly because that's one of my (Sara's) main duties at the farm, so I take the cleanliness of our produce seriously! (Or as seriously as I can take anything).

So, you may have noticed our peppers, eggplant, zucchini and cucumbers tend to be a bit sandy, and our basil is downright dirty!  Why?  We've started dialing down the washing on some vegetables in order to help their storage life for you.  We've found that leaving the skin unwashed and dry is actually improving the vegetables quality when it comes time to eat it.  And as for the basil, whoa, that stuff goes bad quickly enough as it is, but once it's washed, use it asap because it's going south!

So, sorry there's a little extra washing to do at home now, but it will pay off in yumminess, I know!

Also, while we do spend loving attention washing your produce, please wash and/or keep your eyes on what you're eating - it's all natural, so 100% of dirt, bugs, and grass are impossible to remove.

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!

Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara

Our pepper plants are going CRAZY! In a good way.

Our pepper plants are going CRAZY! In a good way.