Feel Good About the Ecological Benefits of Buying Organically Grown!

If anyone tells you that the hippie, dippy farm you buy produce isn't changing the world, tell them that this is a good place to start!  The word is out that feeding the world though small, organic farms is possible.  Here are some things we do at our farm, that you can feel really good about!

1)  We don't use petroleum (synthetic) fertilizers.  We add nutrition to the soil with compost, manure, and planting cover crops.  Synthetic fertilizers are a problem because they often run off fields and pollute waterways.

2) We don't use any herbicides or non-organic pesticides.  We use weeding tools and our hands to get rid of unwanted plants in the field.  To manage pests, we mostly use physical barriers (row cover) to keep pests out, and occasionally use organic approved pesticides.  Again, herbicides and pesticides can pollute water. Both strong herbicides and pesticides can create resistant super weeds and super bugs that are a problem for everyone.

3) We don't use GMOs.  We'll leave the detailed debate for another newsletter article, but in the end, we feel that avoiding GMO crops is better for the environment as well as farmers and consumers.

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!

Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara