My Favorite Holiday!

Three Turkeys...

Three Turkeys...

Oh I can't wait!
Thanksgiving is so close I can almost taste it!  You will likely find it unsurprising that my favorite holiday is the foodiest one of the year.  Since Paul and I started dating, the main event is held at his parents house.  We, of course, are in charge of bringing the produce and the turkey.  This year, I'm so excited to have a turkey from a neighbor farmer and friend, Vanessa at Victory Garden Farm. 

In addition to being our favorite, it's also the best organized.  Paul's mom and I keep a binder of our recipes, timing, successes and failures to reflect on to improve each successive Thanksgiving.  We've learning that soaking your turkey in brine is a huge help to keep it moist.  The ginger squash is always a huge crowd favorite. And this year we need to half our stuffing recipe because last year people were too stuffed.

This is the first time in my life that I've kept records year to year of a celebration like this, and I have to say, for me it really adds something to the fun of it to be able to have such a clear recollection of the years before.  I totally recommend the Thanksgiving binder, especially if your mother-in-law will keep it at her house!

All our love,

Sara & Paul