Week 8, it's so great!

Ok, so I can't get over how amazing our new tomato hoop houses are.  Last week was the first week tomatoes made there appearance for CSA this year.  Can you guess when the first tomato made it to CSA in our 2014 season? 

In 2014 the first tomato made it to CSA on August 20th, a full 3 weeks later than we were able to bring tomatoes this year!  And look at these babies growing:


I hope you enjoy this time of year as much as I do, because I find these vegetables define the tastes of the season for me.  From cucumber salad to zucchini bread I know that the world around me is in the middle of a beautiful Wisconsin summer, and I like to imagine our produce going to picnics, and potlucks, and being shared with friends and neighbors.  

Did you know?  "Komatsuna", roughly translated from Japanese, means "best Shared Seasons week ever"?  True story.  :D  Either that, or BIG leafy spinach monster!  Our Japanese is soooo rusty from having never learned it.  ;)