Welcome to Summer Veggies '17!

We are so thrilled to be back in the field for another season of growing great veggies for you and your families!  

Our farm in Fredonia is continuing to be a beautiful delight, and  so far we are off to a wonderful summer.  We have a wonderful crew of employees and workershares this year who have gotten us off to a great start in getting planting, weeding, and most impressively our two new hoop houses built and filled with tomatoes!

Paul has been longing for hoophouses like this since before we started Shared Seasons, and so it's a it's a dream come true for him!  This will hopefully mean that our tomatoes start producing a little earlier and that they are protected from the frost for longer into the fall.


We also are investing in a new delivery van for this season, so keep your eyes peeled for the 16 foot box van!  It should be hard to miss!

Our feather babies (aka the chickens) are doing great and clucking right along.  I just wish they all had a name!   If you have any name suggestions for the flock, pass them along, please.

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!

Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara