Why am I so tired?

It's July!  This week I looked around, let out a deep sigh, and asked the question I ask every year right around this time, "Why am I so tired?"  Then of course, I remembered, it's July!  Why would July be such a busy month for us at the farm?  It's the time when all things at the farm come together - there is still greenhouse seeding, planting, and lots of weeding in addition to all the harvest, washing, packaging, and markets.  In the spring, there's not the same demands of weeding, harvest, and markets.  In the fall, the seeding, planting, and weeding time has passed.  But now, there's everything do to!  

So, when you see me and I say I'm happy but tired, you'll understand why! :)

Enjoy your veggies and have a great week!

Love from your farmers,
Paul & Sara