Why do we have peppers this week?

This year we've had great success using our greenhouse to get plants started early, and to bring you produce like beets and cabbage earlier than ever before, but what's up with those CRAZY early peppers?  This hot weather and good amount of rain has pushed our pepper plants to start producing, but instead of several small peppers starting on a large plant, we're getting one big pepper on a small plant.  This isn't good for the future of the peppers, so to save them the stress, we harvested these early peppers to give the plants a chance to grow into themselves more before popping out more baby peppers.  


Basil Tips!

How's your basil plant doing?  Mel's is HUGE!  If you want it to grow nice and tall, remember to "pinch" back the plant when it flowers - just take the section of the leaves below the flowers and cut back! The plant will continue to thrive, and you can grow a whole basil bush out of just one plant!  :)