Here at Last!

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a great relief for the return of fresh food and warm weather!  And, while it’s been a lot of rain, so far it hasn’t been too much.  We’ve very lucky to have a field that’s on a high spot and doesn’t have a heavy clay soil, so it drains better than a lot of farmland in the area.  So far, none of our plantings have been washed out or damaged by the rain - so we’ll keep our fingers crossed it stays that way! 

We’re thrilled to be back for another season providing CSA shares.  Many of you have asked how many members we have this year, and the answer is 80 households.  That’s about double the number of members from last year, and it about the same as the farm we used to manage in the Stevens Point area.

A View of The Field

A View of The Field

Next week, I’ll introduce ourselves more, but there’s too much to talk about this week to blab about ourselves!

Madre’s Garden

A huge thank you to Sara’s mom, Carolyn who will be supplying the CSA with some perennial herbs from her vast home garden.  These herbs and her surrounding yard is not treated with any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers ever.

The Berry Dairy

Thanks to Joe, Rosi, Jeff, and Joey Faust - the incredible family who rent our land to us.  They also supply the plump, delicious strawberries we’ll be offering this summer.  The strawberries are naturally produced: with no chemical pesticides or herbicides sprayed on them.