Looking Backwards & Forwards - from 2017 to 2018.


I love this time of year.  We get to be reflective about what has passed, and start scheming for what lays ahead.  Let me tell you, I have ideas.  Thinking time is my favorite time.  (It's a good break for my shoulders too!)

Top Picks for Awesomeness in 2017: Overall, we had an awesome year!  We were blessed up and down, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Amazing crew!  Wow - we had the best group of committed, smart, and fun folks this year! 
  • Tiny House!  We moved into our tiny house in the winter of 2017, and we've now had our 1 year anniversary of tiny living.  It's quite the upgrade from my 2016 tent!
  • Trip to Europe!  Paul & I were so lucky to travel with research cohorts from Michigan State, to France and Switzerland and learn about their farms and food systems.
  • Warm Welcome into Brookfield and Tosa Farmers Markets!  This was our first year at each of these markets, and the enthusiastic reception from these communities made every week a joy.
  • Working with amazing restaurants, including Cafe 1505 in Mequon and Simple Cafe in Milwaukee.  
  • New hoophouses!  We were able to grow a WAY LONGER season of tomatoes this summer, and now have our cool winter greens in the hoophouses.  
  • Walking tractor! Paul got the farm equipment of his dreams, a brand new BCS walking tractor.  Don't ask me to elaborate - I'll get him to write something for you tractor nerds.

Plans in the Works for 2018. *Ambition disclaimer: I can't promise we'll accomplish EVERYTHING on this list, because winter is the most optimistic of times, but this is the list of things we're working towards for 2018 or beyond.*

  • We're saying a sad goodbye to our CSA in Fond du Lac, but our friends at Good Earth Farm and Parkridge are picking up the slack and offering great and customizable CSA options in FdL.
  • Bring back as many of those awesome folks from 2017 as possible! 
  • Consolidate our spaces - meaning, move the tiny house, chickens, and washing building to the vegetable field.  (These have been on opposite sides of the street - and commuting, even across the road, isn't ideal.)
  • Give the chickens a new house!  Details coming in another post, but yes, you should be excited too!
  • More on farm fun!  I know y'all love the farm fun, so let's get together out here!  Event schedule & details to come!
  • Keep bringing our best veggies to our great farmers markets in Brookfield, Tosa, and Fox Point!
  • New animals?!  Rabbits, on the way.  A dog, I'm hoping.  Kitten...possible.  
  • I've promised to make more funny videos, and I can't disappoint Jim Gage, so look out world!
  • Use fewer exclamation marks in my writing.   JK, LOL!!!!!!!!

Like I said, sooooo looking forward to this new year.  Like I said also, winter is sooooo too optimistic.  Oh, well!  Wish me luck.