Potluck and Workshops Planned

First Potluck Planned

Next week, tables and chairs will be set up for dinner, so please stay during the pick up to enjoy the bounty of the season and the company of fellow members.  Bring a dish to pass if you're able, and an ingredients label. (Don't feel badly about eating even if you can't bring a dish - there is always plenty to go around!)  If anyone is available and willing to help us clean up after the potluck, that would be greatly appreciated!!

Workshop Partnership with Parkridge Organics

Canning Workshop

We are again partnering up with Parkridge organics to bring you this hands on learning opportunity! Learn how to can, what to can and why you should can. Having your own food preserved for off season use is SO valuable both economically and emotionally! Participants will leave with a book, canned goodies and immense knowledge!  

Fermentation Workshop

Park Ridge employee and Food Science expert Becky will lead this new workshop for the 2015 season on fermentation. From basic kraut to kombucha, she will cover the basics and benefits of fermentation and food safety surrounding it. Participants will leave with created food items (kraut, kimchi, etc.) and a kombucha starter scoby.