The Next Chapter

As many of you know, we’ve always rented our farm land, and this last year we struggled to find something to buy, without the right fit finding us. As some of you know, I’ve struggled with health problems the last few years, so all of that put together made it feel so hard to keep our farm running. Paul’s passion is for getting into the dirt and growing delicious vegetables, so we both wanted a future where he could do that, but it was too much for me to be his partner in farming any more.

Enter, Troy Farm. They were looking for a production manager to take over growing 3+ acres of organic vegetables on the north side of Madison. It was an absolutely perfect fit! They wanted him to focus on growing veggies while he works with a team to make sure the sales and the education mission of the farm are met! This is so perfect, because he’s living his dream and has a team around him to do more than I could!

This summer, we do still have a few things to grow and sell off the farm in Fredonia, as Shared Seasons, but we won’t be going to the Brookfield, Tosa, or Fox Point markets this summer.

We feel so thankful to all the people who have gotten us to this point - who have supported us and helped Paul become the amazing farmer he is!

As for me, my transition will be a little slower. I’m assisting a consulting team that works on USDA grants for farmers, so I’m thankful to use my experience to help other farmers! That’s what I’d like to do in general - I just need to figure out what that will look like. I’m also going to spend time on myself trying to get as healthy as I can.

We were able to move the tiny house to Madison, so we’re living there now. We’re in the process of buying a house next to Troy Farm, so we can have the dream of living on farm! It’s all working out well. Thanks for sharing the crazy ride with us!